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The taraweeh sallat
  May 17, 2018


The taraweeh salaat


 ShaykhMuftiAfzal Hoosen Elias 

1. The Taraweeh Salaat is Sunnat for men and women. Its performance in Jamaat is Sunnate Muakkid ahalal Kifaya. Its time is after Esha Salaat. it will be valid to perform the Witr before the Tarawih as well as delaying the Witr to after the Witr. 

2. It is Mustahab to delay the Tarawih to after a third of the night has passed or midway through the night and delaying it to a time after this will not be Makrooh.

3. The Tarawih Salaat comprises of 20 Rakaats with 10 Salaams. It is Mustahab to be seated after every 4 Rakaats for the duration of time it takes to perform 4 Rakaats. Sitting is also Mustahab between the fifth resting posture and the Witr.

4. It is Sunnats to complete the recitation of a  Holy Quraan once in Tarawih during the month. If the people get tired then so much should be recited which will not lead to their displeasure.

5. Recitation of Durood upon Nabi (S.A.W) must not be omitted in every Tashahud even though the people become tired Neither should the Thana and Tasbihs of Ruku and Sajdah be omitted. The Duaa may be excluded if the people are tired.

6. The Tarawih can not be repeated if missed individually orin Jamaat. [For more details see our book “Tarawih in Detail”]


Resource: Taleem- ud-Deen