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Importance of the rights of the servants of Allah
  August 27, 2018

Importance of the rights of the servants (of Allah)

Allamah Nuwawiرحمة الله is commencing a discussion of the rights of the servants (of Allah).


in the light of these verses and the haditions of the Holy Prophet  I have al ready mentioned 

repeatedly that "the Rights of the servants are a very important branch of religion.


 Its importance lies of in the fact that "the Rights of Allah" may be pardoned by repentance.


If God forbid some negligence ever occurs in the matter of Allah's rights, it is very easy to 

remedy this negligence by means of repentance and seeking Allah's pardon with a feelings of 

remorse and regret. 


The negligence can thus be remedied.


 As for the rights of the servants, if they are violated, they are not pardoned by repentance and 

feelings of remorse and regret and by seeking pardon, unless the usurped rights are restored to 

the right-holders or the latter willingly forgoe their rights in his favour.


Therefore the matter of rights of people is a matter of serious consideration.


source:English Islahi Khutbat Discourses On IslamicWay Of Life Mufti Taqi Usmani