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Beliefs concerning the Prophets
  November 11, 2018

Beliefs concerning the Prophets

1. Allâh Ta'âla has sent down many prophets to guide mankind onto the right path.

 They are all free from sins.

 Their actual number is known to Allâh alone.

 In order to establish their truthfulness, Allâh caused new and difficult acts to happen through them which others cannot do.

 Such acts are called miracles (mu'jizât). 

The first prophet is âdam alayhis salâm and the last is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. 

All the others came in between these two.

 Some of them are famous, such as:

 Nuh alayhis salâm, Ibrahim alayhis salâm, Is'hâq alayhis salâm, Ismail alayhis salâm, Yaqub alayhis salâm, Yusuf alayhis salâm, Daud alayhis salâm, Sulayman alayhis salâm, Ayyub alayhis salâm, Musa alayhis salâm, Harun alayhis salâm, Zakariyyah alayhis salâm, Yahya alayhis salâm, Isa alayhis salâm, Ilyas alayhis salâm, al-Yasa' alayhis salâm, Yunus alayhis salâm, Lut alayhis salâm, Idris alayhis salâm, Zul Kifl alayhis salâm, Salih alayhis salâm, Hud alayhis salâm, and Shuayb alayhis salâm.


2. Allâh Ta'âla did not show the exact number of prophets to anyone. 

We should therefore have this belief that we have faith in all the prophets that Allâh sent down; 

those that we know of and those that we do not know of as well.


3.  The status of some prophets is higher than that of others. 

The highest status is that of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. 

No new prophet can come after him.


 He is the prophet of all mankind and jinn right until the day of Qiyamat.


4.  Allâh Ta'âla took our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam physically while he was awake,

 from Makkah to Baitul Maqdis,

 and from there to the seven heavens,

 and from there to wherever Allâh wanted.

 He then sent him back to Makkah.

 This journey is known as the Mi'raj.

Source: Bahishti Zeevar