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Your Generous Donation
  taleemul islam
  October 10, 2017

Asalam Alikum Warahmatullah!


Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, all the Dawah and preaching services of Taleemul Islam Radio are being carried out by the generous donations and appropriate commercial ads of Muslims.


If you want to be among those who spends money in the cause of Islamic Dawah and you want to help reach the message of Islam worldwide through Taleemul Islam Organization then please kindly send us some portion of your Zakah or Charity to the bellow bank account:


Name: Taleemul-Islam Wolasi FM Radio

Afghani Account #:000901100370379

Dollar Account #:  901200370434

Bank Name: Azizi Bank 


Note: If you are sending us donation from abroad you should kindly use this form:


International Inward Remittances Instructions


You can send your donation easily through Money Transfer by contacting this number directly or through whatsapp: +93708383770


In order to confirm your donation please send an SMS to this number:
+93700300570 (whatsapp)


Even your small amount of donation is highly regarded!


May Allah grant you and us salvation